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Since JRJ Alum-Fab, Inc. was founded in 1983, year after year we have been building an excellent reputation in the oil and marine industry. The quality of our marine doors and customized aluminum and stainless steel fabrication has surpassed the competition. The Company’s success crucially depends on a close working relationship with our customers and the commitment of every employee working as a team.

At JRJ Alum-Fab, we know that the turning out of a superior product begins and ends by maintaining a superior level of craftsmanship.

Our Core Values

We accept nothing less than producing a zero defect product. Our reputation has been built on our commitment to deliver a product that is as good as it can be produced – with a long-lasting, satisfactory working life under real world conditions. If this is where we begin, and constantly strive to find ways to improve, our products will continue to fill the needs of our customers today and tomorrow.


Rosenberger Site Solutions, LLC has been a customer of JRJ Alum-Fab, Inc. for 30 plus years. Since working with JRJ Alum-Fab, I have never been let down. I would like to thank everyone with JRJ (from administrators to all other workers) for continuing to provide a high quality of work as well as great customer service. Every product they have worked with me on has been accurate and completed with outstanding workmanship. Thank you for all the years of a successful partnership. RSS looks forward to many more years of great service!

Jim Dupont, Manager of Rosenberger Site Solutions, LLC

Since 1990 I have been associated with JRJ Alum-Fab in the design and fabrication of custom aluminum, stainless, and carbon steel enclosures, electrical penetration plates, wireways and electrical enclosures that were utilized in the electrical and instrument fabrication of Deepwater Oilfield Facilities. JRJ displays excellent craftsmanship in all their fabrication.

I recommend utilizing JRJ for all your fabrication needs.

Bob Klein , Electrical Construction Consultant

During my 40+ years of practicing engineering I have designed and managed numerous projects that included structural aluminum fabrication. In each case the project was awarded to JRJ Alum-Fab, Inc. The firm takes great pride in producing very high-quality products, and because of their vast experience in aluminum fabrication, JRJ Alum-Fab can and does assist designers with recommendations that improves the final product. I regard JRJ as a superior aluminum fabricator.

A. Pierre Olivier, Retired, Waldemar S. Nelson & Co.

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